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#aCreativeDC Newsletter + Twitter
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Twitter: @aCreativeDC
Mailing out 3-4 times a month, our NL is packed with imagery + content from the #aCreativeDC IG feed (and beyond), including Y O U R photos, event flyers, artist interviews and general announcements about how to catch us IRL. And the @aCreativeDC Twitter? That's where we really dive into promoting + live-tweeting the events, causes, and happenings of interest to our audience, giving special attention to posts tweeted with the #aCreativeDC tag.
+++ creative content, events, resources


730DC Newsletter
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Connecting Washingtonians to their communities, to their city, and to each other, 730DC sends out a diverse mix of city-centric news (cultural, political, etc), event schedules, and commentary on all of the above every weekday morning at 7:30AM. Around since 2014, this year has been especially b u z z y for the platform, and thanks to a recent re-brand (from the team at Composite Co), we're banking on it becoming a daily must-read for a whole lot of people. Related/also recommended: Washington City Paper's District Line Daily.
+++ news, events


Brightest Young Things Agenda, Guides, + Daily/Weekly Newsletters
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BYT has been an online + IRL hub of THINGS TO DO and KNOW in DC since 2008. The online magazine component publishes 20+ articles per day on all things arts + culture (in DC and way beyond), and they're the production team behind festivals + events including Bentzen Ball and FotoWeekDC. Their outward-facing components are a wealth of information: subscribe to their newsletters for daily hits of editorial content (and stick around for/plan your weekend with Thursday AM's weekly, GIF-filled Best Weekend Bets); check the Guides for round-ups of 411 like the "Best Bars without Televisions in DC;" bookmark the Agenda and make sure you utilize the capability to post/promote your own events there (for free).  
+++ events, creative content, news


Creative Mornings DC Newsletter
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While most of these IN THE KNOW recommendations will direct you towards aggregators of events + 411/knowledge, we're including the Creative Mornings DC mailer (and those of a few other individual entities) because well, what they're up to is kinda can't-miss. The DC chapter of Creative Mornings hosts a themed, 20 minute talk from a DC area creative, with coffee and breakfast to sweeten the 8:30AM call time. The free tickets go I N S T A N T L Y ; the newsletter not only serves as a reminder to jump online as soon as they're up for grabs, but also includes videos, illustrations, and inspiration from previous months' speakers and guests. Related/also recommended: mailing lists for Latela GalleryLittle Salon, Pineapple + Dine Diaspora.
+++ community events, creative content

Creative Music in DC Newsletter
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Creative Music Is ...the improvisational and compositional expansion of the world's musical traditions. entering the world of creative music merely demands an ability to listen, sustain attention, and challenge one’s own conceptions of music. The focus is on improvisation, composition, listening, ensemble playing, history, theory, critique, creative concepts and connections to other genres, fields and disciplines. most importantly, it is best displayed in live musical performance. There's not a set schedule for these, and we're always glad to see it in our inbox – subscribe for 411 on show, festivals, and meetups for those in (or wanting to get into) DC's creative music scene. Related: Capitolbop's DC Jazz Calendar.
+++ music-related events

DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities Current Funding Opportunities + Calls for Artists
This is fairly self-explanatory, but if you've got a DC address, have been a resident for at least a year, and are working in the realm of A R T S you're likely eligible for grants opportunities from the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities. Keep up on 'em.
+++ opportunities

DC Music Download Community Calendar + Local Resources page
We wouldn't say DC Music Download falls under the radar, re: solid, relevant, and expansive content about the DC music scene, but their site + offerings still feel like hidden gem status. We recommend that their Top 5 Shows, Community Calendar, and Local Resources page come first to mind (whether you're here for a weekend or living/eating/breathing this city's S T A G E S + H A N D  S T A M P S ) . Related: the DCDIT Facebook Page, Comet Ping Pong's mailing list.
+++ music-related events, resources, creative content


Decent Workshop Newsletter
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Decent is a DC-based design + digital marketing studio whose newsletter mails out (most) Tuesdays – and it is VERY good. A few hits of inspiration/links of interest for the creative + design communities at large + great, minimal visuals. It's worth the skim if not the full read (and we say that knowing the status of all of our current inboxes). 
+++ creative content

DMV Followers Twitter
J U S T like it sounds: click-click follow-follow for DMV events + news + announcements of interest (a quarter of a milli followers can't be wrong). Related: @FreeinDCBlog Twitter.
+++ events, news, weather, etc

East City Art Newsletter
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Framing the visual art scene in Eastern DC is the official tagline, but East City Art is a mega-resource for the District-at-large. This is a must-subscribe – it emails out at various frequencies and includes arts events in all 4 quadrants, plus links to ECA-hosted content like interviews, guest posts, calls for entries, and 411 about their annual EMULSION Festival. Related/also recommended: @ReCreativeSpace Twitter, W8ACC's NL.
+++ art + cultural events, creative content

Girl's Night In
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A weekly newsletter for women who'd rather stay in tonight - DC-based; great creative/cultural content; MORE than worth the subscribe. 
+ + + creative content, culture, events, etc

Made in the District
Support your locally-run media platforms: MITD covers pop culture at a national level and promotes events, businesses, and artists at the local level as well. Check the site for various channels + newsletters to follow/subscribe. Related: Artistic Manifesto, Brown Girls Museum Blog, Random Nerds
+++ art, culture, music, events, etc

Maketto Newsletter
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Maketto is cultural hub (retail + coffee + restaurant + more) and they S T A Y active; subscribe to keep up with one of the quickest, cleanest, and to the point-iest newsletters to grace our inbox – we can't NOT point you in its direction. Related: Union Market's NL (scroll down to subscribe), The Lemon Bowl's monthly workshop email, and Upshur Street Books' event calendar.
+++ events


Office of Partnerships & Grant Services Funding Alert
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While mostly relevant for non-profits + orgs, individual artists can scroll the weekly OPGS Funding Alert to keep up on who's looking to fund community, cultural, and arts-based projects in DC (along with the occasional opportunity), and for those who are eligible – it's a heyday of things for which to apply.
+++ opportunities


One Love Massive Events Calendar + Twitter
@onelovemassive Twitter
Contained within the One Love Massive family is a collective of over 150 artists that include bands, DJs, rap emcees, and both male and female vocalists representing all musical genres. Ideally, the collective is a physical representation of the belief that music is a unifying force that defies all classifications and can unite the Nation’s Capital as one massive city ~ bookmark their Upcoming Events page + follow on Twitter to stay on it.
+++ events

Pink Line Project Newsletter
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The Pink Line newsletter mails out weekly with hits from DC's art, music, theater, and dance happenings. A community of the culturally curious, it's an 8-year-strong-mailing list curated by Philippa Hughes, a trusted source + advocate for the art scene and its related communities. Related: @capitalfringe Twitter, WPA's Programs & Events page, Anacostia Arts Center's newsletter.
+++ art + cultural events, free + discounted tickets

Rock Creek Social Club Newsletter + Twitter
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@rockcreeksocial Twitter
RCSC produces inclusive + free events, from the 21+ #GrilledCheeseSocial + #RecessWednesdays to fitness collabs across the city (Yoga With NyaDistrict Running Collective). Their email list + Twitter will keep you in the loop. 
+++ events

Your Neighborhood Listserv
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Yes - we know why you might not have subscribed already, and we'll give it to you straight: on occasion you WILL need to remind yourself of the beautiful nature of the democracy in which we live, and in which we are all entitled to our thoughts, our opinions, and our right to voice them. You will also find yourself more intimately connected to your community and your city, and this is important. The DC creative community is one contingent who absolutely should be voicing their own valid, valuable, and empathetic thoughts at ANC meetings (the scheduling of which your listserv will keep you attuned); the DC creative community should use these listservs to share their events and projects with their neighbors; the DC creative community needs to make their voice (singular) heard in the civic engagement realm, and if thats not an area you're comfortable in, this is a really great step onto that boat. Lastly, it's important for the DC creative community to subscribe to these listservs in digest form as opposed to individual emails, because you will actually go bazonkers if you don't. Related: News from Mayor Muriel Bowser (scroll down for subscribe link in right sidebar); DC Library eNews.
+++ news

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