In the the ten days leading up to Inauguration,
we gathered THOUSANDS of reasons (from REAL DC residents)
to live in, love, and appreciate this city
(and why it's way more than just the federal government)
DC is __________________________________?
We're honored to share them, here.

Let us know:
Learn more about the DC is REAL campaign on DC's WAMU 88.5 and WUSA9,
and as we step into four years during which the city's residents,
local businesses, neighborhoods, and IDENTITY deserve acknowledgment,
you can click here to save + share .gifs + .movs from the DC IS REAL campaign.

Your life looks good here. #aCreativeDC

DC is a city that welcomes all who come to wander and stay for a while. Those who stay have built a place that represents a model for the great American city.  Increasingly young, scrappy, culturally/ethnically diverse, and collaborative, our denizens' lives are constantly enriched by the sum of our parts.
Albert Ting [ ] [ IG @pootie_ting ]

DC is home. Community. A city full of people I love and care about. A city that I've slowly fallen in love with.
A.M., Washington, DC

DC is my second home. I'm from the Philippines and it's my second time to live in the District. I came back because I missed its vibrance and the unlimited opportunities it has to offer. I wake up every morning feeling lucky to be a part of this city!
Andrew Zubiri [ ] [ IG @jandrewz ] [ Tw @jadz ]


DC is full of the people I care about and the reason I wake up everyday.
Andy Feliciotti [ ] [ IG @someguy ] [ Tw @sup ]

DC is R A D - this great city attracts + produces amazing creative outlets on a scale that allow participants to ACTIVELY ENGAGE with the community in a way I've never experienced in a big city. There is an authentic accessibility to culture, art, incredible food + music (frequently for free). I feel proud to live, work + create in DC.
Alex Stoller, Design Director, SWATCHROOM [ IG @designhunger ]

DC is a place for my boyfriend and I to create, eat, and learn. It's a place to escape to when you fall in love. 
Alex F. [ IG ]

DC is where I was born but also the city I came back to after years in Boston, NYC, London, and Munich. Diverse, ever-changing, inclusive of all. My choice for #Home. 
Allison P. [ IG @askali13 ] [ Tw @askalip ]

DC is HOME. there's nothing but love here, you're new? there's no problem with asking a stranger for help. everyone has a warm heart. that's what the city is built off of.
Amber L. [ IG @A78759 ]

DC is Heart. DC is Unexpected. DC is Deep. DC is full of Builders. DC is Smart — full of the smartest people in this country who care about real issues impacting real lives; and who respectfully (and legally) disagree, and work together. 
Amy, Washington, DC

DC is where I realized my creative potential. DC gave me a community that encouraged my curiosity, the courage to pursue it, and matched these with opportunity. 
Amy W., Washington, DC

DC is the vibrant, messy, beautiful place that I've called home all my life. There really isn't any way to describe growing up here, or what DC means to me/DC kids in general. Most of us have DC flags hanging proudly in our rooms; a lot get tattoos of the District outline or flag before heading off somewhere new (DC is the kind of place you carry with you). 
Ann P.,  Washington, DC    

DC is a wonderful, rich place to live. Real people live here, including government employees who have to cringe and duck every time an administration  changes, career apolitical folks doing the best they can to create positive change.
Anne H., Retired Fed, Washington, DC                                                                                    

14 years ago DC gave me my first "career" job, that job introduced me to the best friends I've ever been fortunate enough to make, and those friends have given me everything. That is and always will be my DC.
A.Z.Khan, Program Director [ IG @ahmedzkhan ]   

I came to this town as an immigrant in the 90s from India. I have gone to college here (ungrad + grad school), bought a home here, and fallen in love here (now getting married). This city taken me through so many stages of my life. 
AP, Washington, DC

DC is my home, my creative hub, and my place of inspiration to influence creatives to get their just due financially. 
THE ASH PROJECT, Founder of The Ash Project [ ] [ IG @theashproject ] [ Tw @the_ashproject ]

DC is that magical place where dreamers change the world. Where your community is your home and your home is open, and inviting <3 
Ashley Badgley, Proud Ward 5 Resident [ Tw @ashually ]

DC is community. Political lines don't separate us. We come from every country, background, upbringing. We listen. We unite. We are community.
Austin Graff [ IG @AustinKGraff ] [ Tw @AustinKGraff ]

DC is what you choose to make it, especially if you look beneath the surface and engage with its local culture + and its movers and shakers. It is secretly blowing up as a creative hub on the East Coast. It's my community, my inspiration + my livelihood. 
DJ Ayes Cold [ IG @ayescold ]

DC is the quintessence of a cultural melting pot in modern day society. Beyond being home to politics, the district is also the birthplace of Punk and Go-Go genres. DC represents the voice and spirit of a people fighting for equality across all axes and borders. 
Beau Young Prince, Musician/Producer [ IG @beauyoungprince ] [ Tw @beauyoungprince ]

DC is stunning. From its two rivers, to the National Arboretum, Rock Creek Park, and the Aquatic Gardens—this city known for red vs. blue is greener than you think.    
Becky Harlan [ IG @beckharlan ] [ Tw @beckyharlan ]

DC is richly diverse. Outside my glass door, on the sidewalk 15 feet away, I watch humans of every ethnicity, every race, every age, every gender, rich and poor walking around, making a living and building a community.
Beena R., Washington, DC

DC is thankfully, a place that you have to give love to get it back. Otherwise, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.
Bliu, Washington, DC

DC is full of smart people making smart art that doesn't allow dumb people and ideas to disrupt progress.
Brandon Wetherbee, Managing Editor [ ] [ IG @YMTE ] [ Tw @YMTE

DC is POWER - we have access to world-class museums, entertainment venues, and fabulous people who live and work in the DC area. We have the power, grit, and energy to succeed.
Carolyn Belefski [ ] [ IG @CarolynBelefski ] [ Tw @CarolynBelefski ]

DC is a place where my Muslim-Jewish international queer home can exist safely.
C.C., Washington, DC

DC is the beautiful beating heart of public service - the place where social workers and LGBTQI health care providers, policy analysts and Hill staffers put up with sky-high rent not because of fame or money, but because their chosen careers give them a chance to make someone's life better.  DC is empathetic passion, personified.
Cee Bee [ Tw @NinerPapaBravo ]

DC is the home of the real HU! Since 1867 Howard University's goal has been the elimination of inequities related to race, color, social, economic and political circumstances. My DC is real and has produced the highest number of the nation's Black professionals in art, medicine, engineering, architecture, religion, law, music, social work and education. 
Charles Philippe Jean-Pierre, Teaching Artist [ ] [ IG @cjpgallery

DC is more than just half smokes. It's more than just go-go and more than just politicians and it's more than just Northwest. DC is the people. The craziest, wildest, most fun, most humble, most inspiring people in the world.
Christian Dutilh, principal at composite co. [ IG @cwndutilh ]

DC is where I have found love, joy, daily inspiration, creative community, deep gratitude, deeper faith, HOME.
Chelsey Christensen [ IG @chelsey_dc ] [ Tw @chelseydc

DC is UNIQUE, where progressive values meets southern manners and (while the city unfortunately has shifted in demographics) where diversity engulfs you from Anacostia to Georgetown. DC is mambo sauce, Chuck Brown, Mayor Barry, Howard, Georgetown, Wale, the Soldier's home, and NOT A SWAMP.     
Cameron Jacobs [ IG @jacobsca946 ]

DC is where my mother and grandmother were born. Where my grandfather worked as a butcher and grocer. Where my kids go to school and sled on Capitol Hill in the winter.
Carly Van Orman, Washington, DC  

DC is teaching other people's children how to be considerate and respectful citizens to all people. 
A. Choutka, Teacher  [ Tw @choutkaa ]

DC is where I learned how to be creative. DC is where I found a community. DC is where I am consistently inspired by real people. DC is where I call home.
Clarissa Villondo, Photographer [ ] [ IG @karlinvillondophotography ] [ Tw @cvillondo ]

DC is exploration. I grew up going to the museums, and now I love exploring parks, restaurants, neighborhoods and events too! There's always something I haven't seen before.
Claudia P., Washington, DC

DC is a crazy-beautiful, swirling force of freedoms, fears and fictions, where I walk my dog and wade in the river and sometimes write and sometimes still cry when I see Lincoln lit at night.
Courtney S. [ ] [ Tw @theinnerlooplit ]    

DC is where I found my first home away from home. I found a city ripe with opportunity, diverse people, and a range of opinions.
Chris O'Rourke, Washington, DC

DC is where my mom, my daughter, and I were born. It's where I met my wife. It's where I've learned who I am.
D. Soho [ IG @dsohophotography

DC is where dreams come true! Almost 8 years ago when we started working on opening DC’s first production brewery since the 1950s, it was just that - a dream. The DC community has rallied around us, supported us, and helped us make DC Brau into an internationally renowned, award-winning brewery. There’s nowhere else we’d want to brew our beer. #DCisReal #MadeinDC #DrinkLocal
Brandon Skall, Jeff Hancock, Mari Rodela - DC Brau Brewing Co. [ ] [ IG @dcbrau ] [ Tw @dcbrau


 ( T H E  L A T E S T from I N S T A G R A M ) :

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DC is the place I call home, as a daughter of Vietnamese refugee immigrants. We were one of the first places in America to recognize gay marriage, we've decriminalized marijuana and DC businesses will soon be required to provide maternity leave.  The list goes on and on on why I am proud to call DC my home.
Danielle Vu [ IG @ledaniellevu ]

DC is always in bloom; friendly and welcoming; home.
Desi F. [ IG @desifurn ] [ Tw @desifurn

DC is a city where all creatives from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds, age, and color converge and unite to empower others to step out to be seen & heard. It is a city where all creatives feel inspired and impact the DC community every single day.
Diego Gonzalez-Zuniga, NoMa BID Marketing + Events Manager/DC Creative Influencer [ ] [ IG @diegodowntown ] [ Tw @diegodowntown ]

DC is where I fell in love.  Where I feel connected to people from all over the world.  Where I'm proud to call home.
E., Washington, DC

DC is home to my family for over 150 years. Home to rich history, arts, parks, startups, street art, food, fitness, opportunities, challenges, inspiration, and the diverse, passionate people who do it all.
E.K., Washington, DC

DC is a place where you know and love your neighbors like family. It has a small-town feel even though it's an entire [future] state.
Elenore W. [ Tw @hwookiee

DC is my grandmother's former home, my adopted home. I've been a graduate student in Woodley Park; reporter in the Capitol building and Watergate complex; community gardener in Petworth and Brookland; and public-school teacher in Anacostia, Fort Totten, Petworth, and River Terrace.
Emelie Rutherford, Washington, DC

DC is where I teach children how to be powerful, engaged citizens. It is where they teach me how to be a better person. It is where we learn together and support each other.
Emily, Special Education Teacher, DCPS

DC is the very real land where I moved to make my dreams come true, the place that supports me as I wake up every day and pursue a living creating with my hands, a environment encouraging thousands of artists to speak their minds, create, and thrive.
Emily K M Reeder, Goldsmith [ ] [ IG @Ekmrdesign ]

DC is an intelligent, creative, and beautiful community, in every sense of the word. I've called DC home for 8 years, and every day I'm still madly in love. Every citizen is an artist. I'm constantly fascinated by each person's unique story and cultural contribution.
Emily Unroe [ ] [ IG @asparagus_therapist ]

DC became my home even if I didn't come here in a typical manner. I requested asylum, and I was welcomed and submerged into a city of rich culture, art, incredible music, food, history and stories. The collective memory of the city is ever growing and it feels like it's a scale of the whole world, since you can find from a Ethiopian doctor to a Venezuelan Human Rights lawyer, bypassing an Welsh book collector and an African-American paper sculptor :)
Fabiola Rondon, Aspiring historical figure. And Dancer.  [ IG @fa.dances ]

DC is a place where life happens. It is a city where people live and become inspired. It's the town where our band was born and the muse for much of our music. #aCreativeDC #dcmusic #freeformradiotheband    
Freeform Radio, DC Rock Band [ ] [ Tw @freeformradioXO ]

DC is dope! I grew up in VA, but always made my way to the city. Finally ending up moving here about 5 years ago and fell in love. It is a suit and tie place, but there’s a totally other side to DC that is creative, vibrant, alive, active, and cares deeply about the city. I am so inspired by this place and I am proud to be contributing to the culture here. DC or nothing!
Gary Williams Jr, Director & Co-Founder CreativeTheory | [ IG @masterwilliams ]

DC is the place having the greatest social impact on my life as a youth. It's where I returned as an adult to apply all I'd learned to help strengthen the culture we have.
Geronimo Collins, Your Social Connector [ ] [ IG @geronimoknows ] [ Tw @geronimoknows ]


DC is the place where I am able to learn as a college student, mature as a young adult, and explore and adventure as human being. DC is the most incredible city I've ever seen. DC is home. 
Gina Forsyth [ IG @ginaforsyth ] [ Tw @ginaforsythh ]

DC is home to people who are thriving, people who are struggling, neighbors, friends, and communities. DC is an American town.
Greg, Washington, DC

DC is so often cast as the promise and paradox and diversity of the United States in a microcosm. But DC also exists as a particular, peculiar place outside of these expectations, and so consistently subverts and ignores and queers them that it feels sometimes like sci-fi. 
Hayden Higgins, Publisher, 730DC [ ] [ IG @730DC ] [ Tw @730_DC ]

DC is a vibrant, expansive community filled with smart, eager, innovative people of all kinds and talents and backgrounds. I came here because the city had a sense of active possibility about it. I'm still here 17 years later because it still offers that every single day.
Heather B., Washington, DC

DC is my family's home since my grt-granddad left rural Va to drive a cab here for 50+ yrs -- including during the Great Depression.
Heather M. [ Tw @mcd_h ]

DC is playground for my wildest dreams to come to life, the homeland I never knew I was from.
Helen R., Washington, DC

DC is no longer a city of suits, power lunches and cigars. DC is a multicultural smorgasbord of delights and creative spirit. We're a community. We have unbridled optimism, generosity and talent. We may be the seat of power in our great nation but the people are what make it special. See the city through our eyes and I promise you will be inspired.
Holly Garner [ ] [ IG @igdc ] [ IG @golightly ]

DC is a place where smart people have big ideas about topics others have never heard of before.
Ida R., Washington, DC

DC is comfortable, vibrant, eclectic, diverse, and full of bad-assery. This city is more than suits and ties, it's filled with dreamers, achievers, and ballers.
Ishaba H. [ IG @ishabhaque ] [ Tw @ishabahaquee ]

DC is home to rock creek park, which is a stretch of "DEFINITELY NOT SWAMP" from the Lincoln Memorial to Maryland in the North. On weekends, it's a quiet haven for runners, bikers, and walkers. If you go out around dusk, you might run into a deer or a felled tree.     
James Colten, Rock Creek Park (Definitely not a swamp) [ ] [ IG @jamescolten ] [ Tw @jamescolten ]

DC is collaborative and creative — basically the opposite of the "Washington" most people are used to hearing about on the news.
James Jackson, Photographer & Social Influencer [ ] [ IG @thisisjamesj ] [ Tw @thisisjamesj ]

DC is deep Connection -- to history, art, diversity, and progress.
Janel Clement, Director of Digital, PS Digital [ Tw @JanelClement ]

DC is a city full of potential, both realized and yet to be. It's a social and cultural hub for the communities that surround it, full of energy, interesting people, and a colorful history...and future.
Janelle R., Writer [ ] [ IG @JanelElaine ] [ Tw @JanelElaine ]

DC is real AF once you leave downtown!    
Jason Bowers [ IG @jasonabowers ] [ Tw @jasonabowers ]

DC is the natural wonder that is Rock Creek Park! How many other urban places can list miles of incredibly scenic, natural trails accessible on horseback as one of its virtues?!
Jenn J., Moment of Zen [ Tw @puntificatory ]

DC is a beautiful and vibrant swamp filled with amazing people whose natural habitat is an environment where they can do good. It's the invasive species the rest of the country elects to infest the swamp that's the problem.
Jesse Strauss [ ] [ IG @JesseMS42 ] [ Tw @JesseMS42 ]

DC is my home, where I formed my family, where I choose to raise my children, NOT A SWAMP -- treat it and its people well!
Jessica P. [ Tw @curlyjessp ]

DC is where American exceptionalism is on display all day every day.
John Schuettinger, Washington, DC

DC is a thriving community where you meet strangers and become friends the same day. From the farmer's market vendors to the Street Sense seller by the metro, DC is a welcoming place that brings new people every day.
Judith Rontal [ ] [ IG @jlrontal ] [ Tw @rontaljudith ]

DC is where I grew up. DC is where I fell in love for the first time. DC is where I saw my first punk show. DC is where I get excited about ideas, and folks say "how can I help?" DC is family.
Julia Dann, Washington, DC

DC is a city of neighborhoods - colors, textures, stars and stripes. 
Julianne Brienza [ IG @juliannebrienza ] [ Tw @juliannebrienza ]

DC is home! I was born in DC, and lived there up until I was 18. My parents live in DC, my brother lives in DC (and owns a DC business), and many of my close friends are in DC. Real people live there - and they aren't all connected to politics!
Julie Lenard, Washington, DC

DC is collaborative and full of hope. People come together here and support each other with open hearts and minds. We're a city of believers. 
Kacy [ ] [ IG @kacykish ]

DC is a city that feels like a village in the best way possible - it's cozy and friendly and communal. It's a city that's just waiting for you to have a conversation with it.
Kalsoom Lakhani [ IG @kalsoom82 ] [ Tw @kalsoom82 ]

DC is cultured!  Concert halls, museums and galleries, interesting neighborhoods, restaurants, and farmers markets. Many Embassies also host interesting events.    
Karissa Silver, Washington, DC

DC is 658,893 creative, ambitious, diverse US citizens who are unapologetically about their drive to make our city and world a better place, but have no voice in Congress. Taxation without representation. 
Katalina Mayorga, Founder of El Camino Travel [ ]  [ IG @theyoufinder ] [ Tw @theyoufinder ]

DC is filled with compassionate, inspired and informed people, who really care about our planet and people of all faiths and color who inhabit it.
Kate B., Washington, DC

DC is extraordinary! It's full of interesting, diverse, unique and vibrant people who have chosen this city to call home. Not many people accidentally end up here. They come to serve, to create, to inspire and to learn from the history, culture and each other.
Katie Brooks [ IG @thekatiebrooks ] [ Tw @__KatieBrooks ]

DC is where I built my dream business. 
Katie Stack, Owner + Lead Maker, Stitch & Rivet [ ] [ IG @stitch.and.rivet ] [ Tw @stitchandrivet ]

DC is home. It's where I fell in love with yoga, grew my career, learned from amazing professors and formed my greatest friendships. It's been 10 years, but if I ever leave, it will always be home.
Kelly Barrett, Social Media Manager/Yoga Teacher [ ] [ IG @kellyalysia ] [ Tw @kellyalysia ]

DC is everything, all at once. It's a refined swamp, a plush and deeply wooded parkway, a changing Shaw, a grid, organic, Fugazi, jazz, segregated, diverse, beautiful, a place to miss...
Kelly Cendreda [ ]

DC is a city of migrants. Most of us are from other places, yet we all have chosen to call this wonderful place home. Compassion and community come naturally since most of us have the shared experience of being a newbie to the city.
Kelly Paras [ IG @flipflopcaravan ]

DC is my artistic haven and home for the past 16 years. Inclusive, adapting, supportive, and bullshit-free.
Kimberly Gilbert, Actor [ IG @the_kimmah ] [ Tw @kimberlygilbert

DC is fascinating - the history of the local city, be it the 1920s, 1960s, or 1980s is full of unexpected juxtapositions and rich cultural surprises.  And it continues to be a city of change and creative expression right on through today.  Happy to live here, work here, raise my son here, and be part of this chapter.
Kim Z., Washington, DC  

DC is where I perform in shows featuring cartoon-like characters, burlesque, and facsimiles of famous people, like Count Chocula and the queen of England.
Kittie Glitter, Femcee Extraordinaire [ #kittieglitter ]

DC is eggs over easy at my grandfather's house, Jeopardy! at dinnertime, driving like a maniac, discipline and routine, fancy and FUN.
KOB, Washington, DC   

DC is where I grow my food and buy bulk flowers. DC is home and vacation.
KN [ ]

DC is neighborhoods filled with artists, runners, bikers, husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, sons, daughters, friends, dogs, babies, (and no parking)! 

DC is beautiful, diverse, welcoming, walkable, verdant, sustainable and WAY cooler than most give it credit for! DC is filled with smart, creative, down-to-earth people who are reimagining our future and leading the way on energy efficiency, community collaboration, urban farming, biking and more.
Lacey Shaver, Urban Sustainability Pro, Washington, DC

DC is being tested. Keep the faith, keep the spirit. 
DC is for everyone.

Laura Ting [ ] [ IG @laurating ] [ Tw @laurajting ]

DC is a big little city, intertwined with all walks of life where regular people and powerful government officials share the same streets, same food + breathe the same air every day.
Laura Ritchie [ ] [ IG @gritandgraceinc ] [ Tw @gritandgraceinc ]                                                                                

DC is where I fell in love with a magical neighborhood (Bloomingdale), learned to practice yoga, and found a nurturing local community. It's where I learned to ride my bike in traffic and find kindness in unexpected places. It's the first city that has ever truly felt like home.
Leanne G. [ Tw @galele91 ]

DC is ALIVE. When I moved here 5 years ago, I expected to not like the city. This expectation was driven by the typical DC stereotype: that this city is only about government. To my surprise, I discovered a rich community of artists, designers, entrepreneurs, yogis, and adventurers. This community, that I now consider myself part of, continues to enlighten, inspire, and challenge me every day. 
Leigh-Ann Friedel [ ] [ IG @lafriedel

DC is the city I where I discovered who I was, made the most amazing friends, found my chosen family and met my husband.
Leslie H., Washington, DC

DC is resilient and aware. I wrote this thing to express our history and future in defiance of those who constantly try to take away our agency:
Lisa S. [ ] [ Tw @lisaschamess ]

DC is tasty.
Liz Carlton [ IG @lizalittle ]

DC is a place where I have found myself in the friends that have become family.
Liz S., Washington, DC

DC is a City of Monuments (water towers, communication towers, all manner of infrastructure).
Leda Black, Artist [ ] [ FB ] [ IG @LedaBlackArtist ] [ Tw @LedaBlackArtist ]

DC is half the roots of my family tree. ❤️
Lex, Home & Family [ Tw @intodawne ]

DC is my childhood, my friends, my family. DC is where I grew up, and it helped to shape me into who I am today. 
Lindsay W, TV Producer [ IG @lindzywash ] [ @lindzywash ]

DC is a collection of many different small and equally fascinating communities, filled with people who love their neighbors like and unlike, who somehow together form a unique town all its own. It is the home I never expected but never want to leave.
Linnea Hegarty, Washington, DC  

DC is the beautiful, vibrant, welcoming city that I am now proud to call HOME. 
Lotanna O. [ IG @lotannaob ]

DC is where I live,  work,  and play... All without a car! Where I find new museums almost weekly! Where I have access to one of the best public library systems in the US! 
Lowrie Ward [ IG @lowrie_anne ]

DC is a local city on the world's stage — delivering the sweet soul of Marvin Gaye, the laughter of Dave Chappelle, and the flavors of José Andrés. From Blues Alley to the 9:30 Club, from DC Improv to The Kennedy Center, from Ben's Chili Bowl to Rose's Luxury, we have it all.
Lydia Russo, Realtor [ ] [ IG @lydiarusso ] [ Tw @lydiarusso ]

DC is a city that I love! Where I live with my husband in our cute little house in a vibrant and nurturing community!
M. Rodela [ Tw @alegrrl ]

DC is happily height-restricted -- but building-wise only: no restrictions on who you can become, how high you can go or the breadth of community you can find. 
over 90% of us proudly votes democratic. always.
multicultural and multi-ethnic and yes, hitting our food stride.

maddy beckwith, chief of staff, FRESHFARM [ IG @maddybeckwith | @freshfarmmarkets ] [ Tw @maddybeckwith | @FRESHFARMMktsDC ] 

DC is a beautiful, community-based city for internationally-minded, creative, generous people from all over the world to come together in appreciation of art and good food and each other. It's been my home for 11 years, and I can't imagine not living here.  
Maggie A. [ IG @yaymaggiemay ]

DC is family history, home, and heritage.
MAK, Washington, DC

DC is the answer to the question of "where does the post-modern creative force reside that will guide the world through the darkest years of the 21st century?" Also, DC will prove that all of our zeroes are greater than your one.
Marcus K. Dowling, Freelance Creative Entrepreneur/Journalist [ ] [ IG @marcuskdowling ] [ @marcuskdowling ]

Look past K Street and the Hill, and you'll find the real DC. It's full of passionate, insanely smart, diverse and creative people. And the "stuff" made in this relatively small town (music, art, food, ideas) = brilliant.
Maria R., Washington, DC

DC is my home, my parent's gateway to the American Dream, the end game of so many immigrants. DC es mi ciudad y mi hogar.
Mario Reynoso [ IG @hellorio ] [ Tw @hellorio ]

DC is a dynamic and beautiful place where people from all over the world come together to make our society better. It is where I truly became an adult, where I've made good friends and have eaten great food. It is where I've laughed and I've cried. It is a part of me and it is my home. 
Mary Maxwell [ IG @maryqmax ] [ Tw @maryqmax

DC is my adopted hometown and it is filled with unique and friendly people doing incredibly interesting and important things.
Maryjo Mattea [ ] [ IG @maryjomattea ] [ Tw @maryjomattea

DC is, out of four continents and four vastly different states, the only place I've lived where I've felt truly HOME. The people here are my CHOSEN family. xoxo
Megan John, Activist | Nonprofit Analyst [ ] [ IG @meganc_john ]  

DC is a beautiful community full of diverse, creative & cooperative individuals who make life worth living.
Mel Gold [ ] [ IG @goldstandardpr ] [ Tw @goldstandardpr ]

DC is a tiny, hidden gem that's stereotyped to be this super serious place where top secret hush-hush work happens and the President oversees it all. In reality, it's filled with real people, not robots, who are surrounded by an unbelievable amount of resources in such a small space to not only accomplish their day jobs, but also their side hustles....and we just happen to be neighbors with the POTUS.
Merima Repesa [ ] [ IG @merimart ] [Tw @merimart ]

DC is home. It's where my husband and I are raising our child.  We hike in Rock Creek Park, hold block parties, attend the theater, and eat amazing food. 
Michael S., Washington, DC

DC is my home, and I love it dearly. It is not a swamp, but a beautiful city filled with interesting, creative, kind, and inspiring people.
Mitchell West [ IG @tedfreded ]

DC is where big dreamers come to hustle, build, speak and step up to make lasting impact in their community and country. It's diverse. It challenges you. 
Monica + Kang [ linkedIn/in/monicahkang ] [ IG @hi.mhk ] [ Tw @monicahkang ]

DC is where I fell in love. There is magic in this city. 
Monica Nichta [ IG @monichta ] [ Tw @MonicaNichta ]

DC is where I choose to live my life – not in the shadow of government, but alongside it. DC is filled with real people – mothers and fathers and sons and daughters; artists + entrepreneurs; people who are trying to change the world; people who are just trying to make it though their day.
Morgan H. West, artist + creative resource [ IG @pandaheadmorgan | ]

DC is community. Multicultural. Progressive. And deserving of full representational & voting rights! D.C. is made up of generations of families, not just short term political operatives. DC is where my son was born. Family. Love.
Neha M., Washington, DC

DC is the crucible of my family. Here I discovered the meaning of love when I fell hard for my wife, I learned the necessity of selflessness upon the birth of our son, and we have all reveled in the deepest joys. The community we have found helped make all this possible, so our hearts will always be tied to this beautifully diverse city.
Nevin Martell [ ] [ IG @nevinmartell ] [ Tw @nevinmartell ]

DC is not just politics, the majority of people think of the government when DC comes to mind but to me, DC is its people, its culture, the great music talent we have. DC is the entrepreneurial spirit of each person that is trying to do what makes them happy. DC is a lot more than just the government.
Nicole Pinedo, Creative Director, Made in the District [ IG @nicolepinedoxo ] [ IG @mitdistrict ] [Tw @mitdistrict ]

DC is a constant source of inspiration, a cultural and creative capital in the middle of an amazing arts renaissance, and an absolutely beautiful place to live, work, and be.
Nicole Capó, Arts Admin + Creative Consultant [ ] [ IG ]

DC is a collection of tight-knit neighborhoods that are distinct communities. Walk around on a sunny day in DC and you'll stumble across block parties, stoop sales, street festivals, hidden parks, and cozy libraries. And the force behind it all are the bright and caring people who live here, who have nothing to do with the politicians that are sent here from everywhere else.
Nikoo Y. [ ] [ IG @nikoosphotos ]

DC is a small town and we are all in it together.
NML_dc, Washington, DC

DC is home to history, where Langston Hughes shined, Marvin Gaye sang, and Frederick Douglass philosophized. D.C. is a vibrant and diverse city of artists, musicians, community organizers, world class educators, caring health workers, and health enthusiasts. D.C. is home to hundreds of thousands of people who make peace with mosquitoes and beautiful unearthly florescent sunsets by the riverside.
One Common Unity [ ] [ IG @onecommonunity ] [ Tw @OneCommonUnity ]

DC is home, haven, heaven.
p.a. white [ IG @therealpawhite ] [ Tw @therealpawhite ]

DC is love. It's a community of artist, go-getters, trend setters and average Joes. DC is home. 
Pammy Carroll [ ] [ IG @pamtalk ]

DC is a place of diversity, where I have gained a free education about music, art, theater, and the human experience of people who are the tapestry of life, value PRICELESS.
Patriciak, Washington, DC

DC is my past, my present and my future. DC made me who I am.
Paul W. Ruppert [ IG @paulwruppert ] [ Tw @paulwruppert ]

D.C. is fun, educational, beautiful, diverse, close to my family.
Peggy, Washington, DC

DC is home to the most gracious music scene I've encountered.
Peter Lillis, Songbyrd / Babe City Records [ IG @sanbasl ] [ Tw @sanbasl ]

DC is people who take care of each other.
Philippa H. [ IG @pinklineproject ] [ Tw @pinklineproject ]

DC is where on one street, on one night, you can hear live jazz, hip hop, reggae, tango, forro, salsa, blues, griot, pop, edm, iskista, zouk, gospel, kompa, and cumbia - by local musicians.
Remy [ IG @rmmmy  ]

DC is where I was born and raised. Yes, regular people are from DC proper!
Robin G., Washington, DC

DC is a vibrant, thriving community with artists dedicated to creating a dynamic, livable city for many different kinds of people. 
Rose Jaffe [ ] [ IG @rose_inks ] [ Tw @rose_inks ]

DC is a global meeting place of scholars, artists, thinkers, and creators. Where hard work and hustle still lead to seeing your dreams become a reality. 
Rose Previte [ ] [ IG @compassrose_dc ] [ Tw @compassrose_dc ]

DC is home. Where my life happens, and thousands of unrepresented tax payers live/work/play.
Ryan P. [ Tw @rtpierce012 ]

DC is the city I know best yet want to know so much better. It's got layers and tangles, stories and community. It's got it all. I'm thankful for everything it's given me... including the inspiration to draw.
RZ [ IG @goodwashington ]

DC is a city where everyone can be heard. A city rich in diversity of people, cultures, ideas, and opinions.
S.H., Washington, DC

DC is radical.
Samantha M., Washington, DC 

DC is a cultural powerhouse. Our innovative cuisine and stunning performance and fine arts reflect the beloved traditions of our vastly unique inhabitants.   
Samantha Testa, Owner, Painted Palettes [ ] [ IG @painted_palettes ]

DC is vibrant! The food, culture and art is ever growing and stimulating. As an illustrator, I am constantly pleased by the number of talented artists and illustrators in this city. As a human being, I love the level of diversity found here. So many wonderful things to see and do here without having to spend too much money - cultural festivals, museums, gardens, monuments, food carts, national parks and more! 
Samyuktha Krishna [ Tw @samyukthak ]

DC is my adopted home. It's dichotomy in motion: belle-epoque townhomes and glass-encased condos; bureaucracy and creativity; NW and SW, NE and SW; Duke Ellington and Ian MacKaye. It's my "own," but it also collectively belongs to us all.
Sara Morgenstern [ IG @morgensm76 ] [ Tw @morgensm ]

DC is kind and bustling, a city that welcomes more than it turns away. DC is a home waiting for your footprints, a city full of creative energy that shimmers through each hour of the day with unwavering promise. DC wants to help you find yourself.
Sarah Wyer [ ] [ IG @stirfrey ]

DC is warm, integrated, alive, and juicy. It oozes with soft smiles on the metro and sings with cool breezes in Rock Creek Park. It takes a beating - and it votes, no matter how little it matters.
SJB [ ] [ IG @scorchedearth ] [ Tw @sampersand ]

DC is where people get me - they have the same interests, but bring in experience from so many backgrounds.
Sofia S., Washington, DC

DC is full of love, inspiration, creativity and beauty.   Oh and some seriously good food, if you know where to look ;)
Stacey M., Washington, DC

DC is my home! It is where I came of age. The city is full of life, music and creativity outside of the government. It's a chocolate city with a lot of heart and can withstand the changes every four years! Welcome to my little part of the world!!!
Stephanie, Washington, DC

DC is a city with a thriving and diverse arts community which gives ample room for growth and support. It's where people with open minds and open hearts connect through multiple artistic mediums. It's a truly unique experience to be a part of this community. 
Stephanie Vadala [ IG @tappety ] [ Tw @tappety ]

DC is an international city, filled with smart, interesting and motivated people, and breathtakingly beautiful and stunning spaces. 
Susannah Fogarty [ IG @susyfogs]

DC is loved people and places I always look forward coming back home to. 
Svetlana Legetic, Coach Taylor, Brightest Young Things [ ] [ IG @brightestyoungthings ] [ Tw @byt ]

DC is surrounded by a beltway, not a wall. 
Sun King, Washington, DC

DC is full of passion and creativity and entrepreneurship and ambition and intelligence but also tradition and a deep sense of culture and history.
Sweta M. [ IG @smaturu ]

DC is generations. It is the city where my father is buried in the same cemetery as his mother. The city where my parents were born and raised. The city where I came into existence.
Tahirah A.G., Washington, DC

DC is a melting pot of so many cultures and creatives, you really have the opportunity here to be who you want to be, express yourself and be acknowledged for it. This is a city of fighters who fight for the things they believe in. There is no other place like it and I love it.
Tenbeete Solomon | TRAP BOB, Visual Artist and Illustrator [ ] [ IG @trapxbob ] [ Tw @trapbob ]

DC is a collection of people from all over the world adding to the community in a way that makes DC truly great.  The rest of the country needs to get away from the Mall and realize we're not just the government, but that we have our own unique, diverse and vibrant community and culture.
Thomas G Renkes, Esq. [ IG @MakeItTrizzle ]

DC is southern, full of neighborhoods where there's still a strong porch-sitting culture. DC is home and community and love and respect for difference and so many things I hope my son will take away from being raised here.
Tiffany FitzGerald [ Tw @choccitymama ]

DC is sticker art, house shows, and street dirt bikers. 
Toby B-F [ ] [ IG @T___O___B___Y ]

DC is my city. I live here, shop here, say hi to my neighbors, go to rock shows, the library and dinner parties. I met my wife here, got married here and we started our own local business here that has nothing to do with politics.
Travis Hare, Owner, KRPR [ ] [ Tw @TheTravisHare ]

DC is an inviting and welcoming place where I have never felt as a foreigner.
Veronica Magan [ IG @veronicamagan

DC is overflowing with #BlackGirlMagic. And cannabis. 
Vic Harris, Co-founder of DC TasteBuds [ ] [ IG @chef_vicky ] [ Tw @chef_vicky ]

DC is a diverse community undergoing a cultural renaissance, experimenting and discovering its creative point of view.
Victor Nguyen-Long, Creative Strategist [ IG @VNL ] [ Tw @VNL ]

DC is my home. It's the place where I go to concerts and where I learned to appreciate a good cocktail.
Victoria H., Washington, DC   

DC is alive, and it's contagious. Looking out from the Brixton rooftop, I felt at home for the first time ever. I felt in love. I felt what LIFE feels like. I looked around and saw the same look in other people's eyes, and in that moment, I knew we could all find in DC a place to think, to challenge, to unite, or just to take a load off...and no matter what, we all knew someone else in the District will always have our backs. In DC, we are never alone in our fight, whatever it may be.
Wait! I'll Eat That [ ] [ IG @waitilleatthat ] [ Tw @waitilleatthat ]

DC is everything that is everything. It's acceptance. It's challenge. It's modern Americana where communities rise and bet on the underdog. D.C. is grit and heart, representing all people. 
WardOneReprezent, Washington, DC

DC is full of fascinating history beyond what you read in a guidebook. From corner to corner, the city is brimming with creative people and hopeful natives who don't care about the perception of DC as a one-industry town. We know better, and I am proud to call myself a native Washingtonian.
Zack Friendly, All Things Go [ ] [ IG @allthingsgo ] [ Tw @allthingsgo ]

DC is becoming my home because it's full of smart, dedicated, and caring people who want to make the world a better place. 
Abbie, Washington, DC