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2017 Local First Awards @ Blind Whino


We're proud to support the 2017 Local First Awards with our friends at Think Local First!

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If you own a business or want to connect with a community of DC entrepreneurs and artists who make our local economy thrive, don't miss the 2017 Local First Awards!

On Thursday, November 9, the inaugural Local First Awards will kick off at Blind Whino SW Arts Club. This exciting evening brings the city together in support of local businesses and artists for a uniquely-DC celebration. The awards, a Think Local First DC initiative, spotlights the most impactful local independent businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists in DC.

The evening will kick off with the presentation of awards in 7 exciting categories including:

Maker - A local manufacturing business, entrepreneur or artist who designs, makes, produces, and/or assembles a product in the District of Columbia that makes an impact.

Ripple Effect - A business that supports the local economy by purchasing supplies and services from other local businesses, creating a “ripple effect” as money circulates within the local community.

High Road - A model employer who puts their people first by providing quality jobs, fostering a positive work environment, and championing beneficial business practices.

Green Thumb - An environmental champion who works to improve the local community through sustainable practices, products or services. This local business or individual significantly reduces waste or consumption, creates green products and/or provides green services.

Builder - A local community developer, investor, or lender with deep roots in the community and known for positive investments in DC’s people, culture, and future.

Pioneer - A local business, entrepreneur, or artist who inspires with a creative new idea, product, perspective, model and/or solution.

Community Champion - A local business owner who makes a significant and noticeable
impact in the community across a range of categories.

The 35 nominees in these categories will be announced through the Think Local First DC website ( in October and the winners will be selected by a panel of distinguished leaders in the DC business community.

It's going to be a fun night! Get your ticket today!

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