In August 2018, Ashley Shey was artist-in-residence at A Creative DC: Brookland, and the engineer behind IN BETWEEN: a collaborative creative experience centered around mindfulness, collaboration, and career, and included installation, performances, pop-ups, and gatherings. 

With a goal of creating real life connections and active dialogue, Ashley Shey's programming inspired attendees to feel more in touch with each other, and with themselves.

IN BETWEEN will be on view August 16 - 19 at A Creative DC: Brookland. Events and performances take place Friday August 17 - Sunday August 19th.
See below for the full schedule of programming and events.

artwork created for IN BETWEEN by Machell Andre

artwork created for IN BETWEEN by Machell Andre

IN BETWEEN runs from Thursday, August 16 - Sunday, August 19, and features work & programming from eight DC artists & creative businesses, including a flower installation (and open hours for relaxation within), a vintage clothing pop-up, and music and dance performances. IN BETWEEN takes place at A Creative DC: Brookland - 716 Monroe Street NE, Studio #8.


Thursday August 16 - Sunday August 19, 24/7
IN BETWEEN is a flower/meadow installation by arrin sutliff (bio below), and it will be on view 24/7 through the floor-to-ceiling windows at A Creative DC: Brookland.


Friday, August 17, 6PM - 9PM
Relax in the meadow at A Creative DC: Brookland.

gather within yourself
gather with others
cultivate self
cultivate community

"we will create ceremonial space utilizing breath, sound, scent and tea ritual. what does it mean to be intentional in our actions?
how can focused attention and ceremonial space cultivate personal and collective interconnectivity?"

donation optional

this event will be facilitated by Talyah of amoona Botanicals


Saturday August 18, 11AM - 3PM
A vintage shop by Tariq Haqq will pop up in the meadow from 12 noon - 4PM. Come shop clothing & wares.


Saturday August 18, 7PM - 10PM
Ashley Shey will perform alongside close friends and creative partners, Jeremy Ray and AJ Thawley,
with an opening set by Twin Jude (bios below).
Suggested donation of $15. All donations collected will go towards compensation of contributing artists. 

7pm the IN BETWEEN meadow is open to walk through
7:30-8:05 opening set by Twin Jude
8:05-8:30 first set by Shey, Jeremy, & AJ
8:30 intermission
8:40-9:10 second set by Shey, Jeremy, & AJ
10 END


Sunday August 19, 6PM - 9PM
Ashley Shey will perform alongside close friends and creative partners, Jeremy Ray and AJ Thawley,
with an opening set by YÀNJÚ (bio below). 
Suggested donation of $15. All donations collected will go towards compensation of contributing artists.

6pm the IN BETWEEN meadow is open to walk through
6:30-7:05 opening set by YÀNJÚ
7:05-7:30 first set by Shey, Jeremy, & AJ
7:30 intermission
7:40-8:10 second set by Shey, Jeremy, & AJ


Ashley Shey is a body linguist. She is a first generation Cameroonian American artist born in Washington, DC who carries on her cultural traditions of dance and storytelling as a means for remembrance and self-knowledge. Drawing on a past of performing in choreography based companies and competitive dance teams, her work has transitioned in the past five years to a more contemplative practice, focused on an experimental and meditative approach to study of movement. Constantly in pursuit of knowledge, she has recently been interested in studying Feldenkrais (a somatic movement practice), butoh (a Japanese avant garde performance art), Dharma yoga, Authentic Movement and Sufi whirling. Through improvisational dance and experimental performance, she engages the potential for alchemical transformation in each moment through use of meditative movement.

Recently Shey has been dancing as a member of Nancy Havlik's Dance Performance Group, an improvisational company based in the DC Metropolitan area. She has previously performed at Dance Place, Rhizome, Warner Theater, DAR Constitution Hall, The National Building Museum, the Black Cat, Capital Fringe, The Fridge, The Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Luce Foundation Center for American Art, and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

"I am inspired to share practices and experiences that allow people to reintegrate parts of themselves that they have never felt, or have forgotten. Through intentional sensory stimulation we are able to transmute our societally shared sense of separateness and invite space to reconvene with ourselves and one another."

photo by Tasha Majomi.


arrin sutliff's work shares an appreciation for nature and the seasons. in collaboration with plant life, the art allows nature to be seen and felt in a new space; this particular experience being a meadow.

photo courtesy arrin sutliff.


Jeremy Ray and AJ Thawley are longtime sound co-collaborators, and have been described by DC Music Download as a “dynamic two-person project who pride themselves on pushing their limits as musicians and 'inhabiting the skin' of the genres that influence them.”

photo by Julia Lieby.


A portal being, Twin Jude is an electronic sound artist whose work involves looped vocals and ambient ethereal soundscapes.

photo courtesy Twin Jude.


YÀNJÚ is a vocalist and songwriter from Gaithersburg, Maryland (based in Washington, DC). Their work explores and wrestles with the disparity between the liminal fluidity of the human experience and the static “tyranny of should” coined by psychoanalyst, Karen Horney. Drawing heavily from their stint as a student of classical music, their fascination with mythology and various Black musical traditions, YÀNJÚ conjures up an ephemeral, post-binary cosmos where one’s most authentic self can be fully realized. Once immersed, the listener finds themselves betwixt and between, neither here nor there.

photo by Sonia Prabhu.